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It's time for the friends and family of United Golfers Association to invest in the future of our players that are chasing their dream of competing at the highest level in  golf. Let's face it... Golf can be expensive and even more cost prohibitive for Professional Golfers who have historically shared that the lack of access to financial resources have been the root of of why their careers have not taken off yet.

What UGA is doing to change the narrative in finding more ways to close the financial gap for our players and give them the opportunity to simply wake up, go practice, and go play is what we all want for these players of all ages.

From access to the best swing coaches in the industry, putting gurus, mental therapists, and personal trainers - The UGA Academy is Prepared and Ready.


Now is the time for you to help give them the support they deserve, as well as the hope they have always wanted.  Today, you can donate money to a to benefit an elite junior, collegiate athlete, or a professional tour players dreams and eliminate most of their financial burdens by contributing to their expenses that include; tournament entry fees, accommodations, flights, rental cars, gas, mental health, coaching, diet, and so much more.

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